When I was 34 years old I was viewed as a very successful businesswoman. Running an online distributing business, employing staff, just finished a BBS, and had a “perfect” family.

So far so good, right? And now, here comes the truth… My career was super stressful and I was running around like a headless chicken, family time was non-existence, I spent way too much time running around after other people and however grateful I was for my wonderful 3 children and another 1 on the way, I felt tormented by the challenges of motherhood. Living with the constant drive of wanting to be this high flying career woman but suffering from imaginable guilt of not being the perfect mother and staying at home to tend to my children. 

The truth is; most of us are too afraid to even admit to ourselves that we are simply not happy how our life is panning out. At times we may feel anxious, stressed out or unhappy about some of these issues but our protective thinking mode will tell us to ignore, move on, you are overthinking, life is like this, there are no solutions…

For me, the fear of failing was a big thing for me. So I choose to just ignore and keep ongoing. That was until a number of factors came into play and not all good ones.

The business was doing great but cashflow was a serious problem, 

  1. I was 8 months pregnant and my consultant was seriously concerned about my stress levels and how the rate of my blood pressure was rising each passing day. 
  2. I had problems with managing staff which caused me so much stress 
  3. I was still reeling from the death of my father the year before. My father suffered from manic depression and suffered severe schizophrenic and we had a very damaged relationship

And then it happened, life stepped in and knocked me sideways 

Due to suffering from hypertension  I was brought in early into the hospital to be induced. After baby no.4 arrived a couple of hours later I hemorrhaged and lost 2.5 liters of blood, when I felt my body going into hypovolemic shock I thought the game was up….Luckily I woke up in ICU and that’s when I decided to change my life, to reduce the stress, to get rid of toxic people out of my life and to choose to focus on family instead of my career and overall to bring balance back into my life. 

I adopted a more mindfulness approach to life and discovered yoga which has given me so much peace, an inner calm that I have never experienced before.  

I went back to college and did both an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching and an Advanced Diploma in Mental health and Well-being Coaching and so Spiritual Wellness and Coaching were born to help others find balance in theirs. 


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