Can’t believe it when I say this…. The fourth Super Full Moon of the Summer will be our 1 year Anniversary of doing the Full Moon Healing Circle on Killiney Beach. Out of 12 months we only had to cancel 1 due to a weather warning. The rest, we provided the space to connect to each other, raise our vibrations, to listen to the wisdom from our Ancestors and to connect to our higher source!

Our next Full Moon Healing Circle event is on this Friday, 12th of August at 8pm on Killiney Beach

There is a lot happening this week alone with Monday kicking off with the Lionsgate Portal opening when the sun, Sirius and earth are in alignment, our mindset shifts and welcomes in potent energy for us to collectively evolve and continue on our spiritual journey.

It is also one of the most powerful times of the year to manifest what your heart truly desires. Aligning yourself with the spiritual energy of this August’s full moon is a must, as this Aquarius-ruled lunation can help you break out of your comfort zone and aim high with those goals you’ve been secretly manifesting.

So come and join me on Killiney Beach for our Full Moon Healing Circle. Unfortunately Breathe with Niall will be away however, I have special guest Dansez Vous Ireland kicking off our 1 Year Anniversary with some unique heart intention dance music to help us celebrate this monumental night.

There will be:
~ Yin Yoga
~ Meditation
~ Healing Breathwork
~ Reiki Healing
~ Shamanic Drumming

Hot beverages will be available from Fred and Nancy’s 
Firedancers are the fabulous @spiralites

This is a FREE EVENT we will be raising funds for Suicide or Survivesos

You can donate via link in my bio

Beginners are welcome, not suitable for pregnancy.

Please note: Parking Fines were given out last month to several attendees please I urge you to use the train. Park along any of the carparks on the Dart line and get the train the rest of the way. Our event will be over by 9.30pm so you’ve plenty of time to get the train back to your car.

What you need to bring:

~Yoga Mat
~Pen & paper
~Extra Warm clothes
~Hot Water bottle
~Hot drinks
~Swimgear (for optional sea dip after) Please note we take no responsibility if you get into the sea

Looking forward to seeing you under this powerful ‘Sturgeon Moon’.  

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  1. Siobhan August 7, 2022 at 9:28 pm

    Ah I got a parking fine too, but scuse the French fuckit it was worth it 🤣


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