I swear these months are rolling into one these days!
It’s the 11th month of our
💫 Full Moon Healing Circle 💫
Super Buck Moon
Wednesday 13th of July

The year’s largest and brightest moon will shine in the sky on July’s full moon which occurs in Capricorn It will be the closest full moon to Earth of the 12 full moons in 2022 and the second of the two supermoons in summer 2022.

This powerful Super Moon is in the sign of Capricorn (an earth sign) has astrological meanings of loyalty, pragmatism, generosity, and readiness for new starts.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign (marking the start of a season), radiating energy and vitality for action, progress, and new starts. Cardinal signs are the initiators and pioneer energies of the zodiac. So, during the influence of the July Supermoon, all signs will feel a strong desire to set new goals. Driven by this powerful lunar energy, we will all feel the need for new ideas and boldness to try new things.

So come and join me and @breathewithniall on Killiney Beach for our Full Moon Healing Circle.

There will be:
~ Yin Yoga
~ Meditation
~ Healing Breathwork
~ Reiki Healing
~ Shamanic Drumming

Hot beverages will be available from @fredandnancys
Firedancers are the fabulous @spiralites

This is a FREE EVENT we will be raising funds for @suicideorsurvivesos

You can donate via link in my bio

Beginners are welcome, not suitable for pregnancy.

What you need to bring:

~Yoga Mat
~Pen & paper
~Extra Warm clothes
~Hot Water bottle
~Hot drinks
~Swimming togs/trunks

We strongly advise to use public transport to get to Killiney Beach as we expect a lot of traffic. 

Looking forward to seeing you under this powerful ‘Super Buck Moon’.

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