Hiking in nature is perhaps the healthiest activity available, rejuvenating the soul, challenging our bodies, and quietening our minds.

Whether you’re planning a trek through the woods, a strenuous mountain climb, or just an afternoon wander along the coast why not incorporate some meditation whilst grounding yourself in nature?

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.“ – Mary Davis.

How to meditate whilst out walking 💫

🌿 Begin by walking steady and slow, breathe naturally
🌿 Notice your inhale and your exhale
🌿 Feel your feet on the ground and be aware if each step you take
🌿 Beaware of your surroundings, any smells, what you see
🌿 Connect to your inner presence while remaining aware of what’s going on around you
🌿 If you get lost in your thoughts, simply return to your breathing

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