New Moon reflection:

I nurture myself first so that I can be present for others, I witness all emotions rising within me now

Today, July 28th, is the start of a New Moon cycle, it is the perfect time for setting authentic, delicious intentions. Many of us think of multiple intentions at the New Moon and it becomes overwhelming to follow the practice. So I urge you to find more simplicity and joy in your life by setting just one intention at a time. 

Here is a tip!

Start with the words “I feel…..” This Moon cycle intention setting practice is all about coming into an intimate relationship with your feelings. and by ‘feelings’ I mean physical sensations in your body. 
The sensations are the pathway back into the body, into your subconscious mind, and into what you believe deep down. So take time out of your day today, connect to your breath and ask yourself what do you feel? And listen to the subtle hints within your body.
What we’re doing is linking your New Moon intention to physical sensations and elevated emotions, this effectively points yourself in the new direction that you want to go. 
This is because the best New Moon intentions come from the yearnings of your heart.
Dreams do not exist in reality yet, but when you use your subconscious to trick your conscious mind into thinking that your intention is already true, then you will start to feel in your body what it would be like to actually live the reality that you are creating for yourself 
As the New Moon is in Leo energy feelings of confidence, passion, pride, creativity and ambition will be swirling around you. 
It’s time to get clear on our intentions by the time the Lionsgate opens on the 8th of August….so feel all the feels, lean into whatever comes up, get your journal out and write out the seeds you wish to plant now under this powerful couple of weeks. 

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