Full Moon in Taurus Sign

Full Moon Healing Circle
Friday, 19th of November
Killiney Beach

This Full Moon rises in Taurus, which would normally make the theme all about money and possessions but this year there’s an added eclipse in the mix, this flips the script so that the focus is all about values…in particular who are the people we value most in our lives…..under the energy of this Full Moon there will be a major shift away from selfishness and towards doing things for others and the greater good.

So come and join me with special guest professional breathwork instructor @breathewithniall

There will be:
~ Yoga
~ Meditation
~ Healing Breathwork
~ Reiki Healing

With hot beverages available on the night from @fredandnancys

This is a FREE EVENT we will be raising funds for @suicideorsurvivesos

You can donate via link

Beginners are welcome, not suitable for pregnancy. This is an adult event.

What you need to bring:
~Yoga Mat
~Pen & paper
~Warm clothes
~Hot Water bottle
~Hot drinks
~Swimming togs/trunks

Leave your name below  to confirm you are attending and to receive Reiki Healing

Please share this event and let’s collectively raise our vibrations under the powerful rejuvenating energy of this Full Moon 

Christine x

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