Date: Friday, 6th of January

Time: 3.30pm

Killiney Beach

Are you feeling tired after all the festivities at Christmas? Not feeling that New Year New Me buzz? Well you can blame the Cosmic energy for this one with two retrogrades in full swing ‘Mars, the planet of action, moving backward till 12th of January and Mercury, the planet of communication, in a backspin until the 18th of January you maybe feeling a bit ‘meh’ with all this New Year planning and making goals and whether that has you feeling frustrated, stuck, sentimental, or just plain tired, emotions will be running high just days after we ring in 2023, especially under the cardinal water sign, Cancer.

Full moons are, by nature, a time when you’re bound to get swept up in intense emotions, and when the moon is full in the sign it rules, nurturing, compassionate, sensitive Cancer, you have the opportunity to get even more intimately in tune with your inner world. With this lumination slap bang in lets focus, plan and move forward Capricorn Season. The Cancer Moon ensures we take a step back to ensure our heads are in sync with our hearts.

So why not come open your heart and join me and Niall from Breathe with Niall on Killiney Beach

There will be:

~  Light Yoga Flow

~ Healing Breathwork

~ Reiki Healing

~ Drumming Meditation

This is a FREE EVENT we will be raising funds for Suicide of Survive charity on the night

Both men & women and beginners are very welcome

The Yoga is not suitable for pregnancy but you still can attend the event. Just chill on your mat when the yoga part is on but make sure you are wrapped up.

There is also an optional Sea Swim after

What you need to bring;

  • Mat
  • Pen & paper
  • Swimming togs/trunks
  • Towel
  • Extra warm clothes

Looking forward to seeing you under the Full Moon 

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