Big things are happening in the Cosmic World this weekend

Dream big, but Virgo is making us fine tune the details.

Virgo a mutable earth sign is analytical, rational, and grounded, reminding us to focus on the facts and dig deeper for vital details. The sun has been moving through emotional, imaginative, and romantic Pisces making us dream big!

While Virgo as a sign is far more realistic than Pisces, it’s not meant to keep you from dreaming. In fact, these energies pair perfectly together: Pisces envisions, while Virgo rolls up their sleeves and gets busy. Pay close attention to what this full moon reveals to you — your dream isn’t far-fetched; it just may need a more concise plan of action.

There is another important event happening on March 20th too. The spring equinox is a highly charged moment in astrology, because it’s when the sun enters Aries, the first sign in the zodiac wheel. That makes the spring equinox the “astrological new year,” making it the perfect time to start fresh and pour your heart into growing and nurturing something new.

So come and join me this Saturday 19th of March at 6pm on Killiney Beach for our Full Moon Healing Circle.

There will be:
~ Yoga
~ Meditation
~ Healing Breathwork
~ Reiki Healing

Hot beverages will be available from Fred and Nancy’s 

This is a FREE EVENT we will be raising funds for Suicide or survive

Click here to donate 

Beginners are welcome, not suitable for pregnancy.

What you need to bring:

~Yoga Mat
~Pen & paper
~Extra Warm clothes
~Hot Water bottle
~Hot drinks
~Swimming togs/trunks

Looking forward to seeing you under this powerful ‘Worm Moon’. 

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