8 reasons why you should welcome Reiki into your life

Anyone can learn

It’s natural, safe, complimentary and easy.

Reduces Anxiety & Worry

Increases Self-Love & Confidence

You become more grounded and balanced

Enhances Inner Peace and Calm

Greater clarity, creativity & sense of purpose

Strengthens your intuition

Less Fear, more courage

You learn the art of self-healing

Reiki is for people from all walks of life. Artists, teachers, writers, chefs, mums, dads, solicitors, scientists, accountants, train drivers, bankers, personal trainers plus many more. Some go on to become professional Reiki Practioners, others have used it as a tool to enhance other things they do and their overall quality of life. As a teacher I love aligning people  to Reiki and adore how complimentary it is. Reiki Training is not just for people that want to become healers. Learning Reiki is a self-development journey. Which is why I adore teaching it so much. Once you become aware of the creative life-force that exists within you and start to work with it on a conscious level, your experience of life will totally transform in the most amazing ways.

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